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Marketing Articles

  1. Barristers Tips
  2. How to Build a Business Development Culture
  3. Process Helps Lawyers Accept, Implement Innovation
  4. Developing Charisma
  5. Business Development Innovation
  6. Kohn Enhances Lawyer Innovation
  7. Biz Dev Breakthrough!
  8. Building Your Practice of the Future
  9. Six Tips for Developing Relationships with Potential Clients
  10. Selling in Your Comfort Zone: Safe and Effective Strategies for Developing New Business
  11. Selling Your Services Might Not Come Naturally – But It Can Get Easier
  12. Building a Rainmaking Culture
  13. Getting Qualitative Survey Feedback and Responding to Your Reconnaissance
  14. Strategies for Planning and Executing a Satisfaction Survey
  15. Marketing Your Practice, Part 5: A Mailing List To Market Your Practice
  16. Top Five Reasons Why Clients Leave
  17. Engaging Reluctant Rainmakers
  18. Marketing Your Practice, Part 4: Developing Your Referral Sources
  19. Social Media Marketing for Attorneys, Part 1: Introduction to Social Media
  20. Marketing Your Practice, Part 3: Meeting New Prospects
  21. The Art of Making Rain: 7 Steps That Give Associates an Edge
  22. Marketing Your Practice, Part 2: Marketing Your Practice Through Organizations
  23. Client Satisfaction Surveys, Part 4: Respond To Negative Feedback and Convert Positive Feedback into More Business
  24. Client Satisfaction Surveys, Part 3: How To Conduct Them, Who Should Conduct Them and Techniques To Get Qualitative Feedback
  25. Winning Clients Takes More Than a Handshake
  26. Client Satisfaction Surveys, Part 2: Choosing the Right Clients and Creating Your Survey Questions
  27. Marketing Your Practice, Part 1: How to Get the Clients You Want
  28. Differentiation in Selling for Lawyers
  29. The Obstacles and Benefits of Client Satisfaction Surveys
  30. 10 Steps To Greater Profitability
  31. Effective Speakers Create an Emotional Bond
  32. The Holidays Are Coming – Sooner Than You Think!
  33. Target Research – The Rainmaking Catalyst
  34. 3 Steps to Smarter Customer Surveys
  35. Tips for Business Owners Who Want to Be Effective Sales Managers
  36. Break the Entry Barriers to Rainmaking
  37. Why Clients Leave
  38. Building Client Loyalty: Appropriate Techniques for Revealing Personal Qualities
  39. Client Satisfaction Surveys – The Benefits & Overcoming Obstacles
  40. Experiencing the Benefits of Public Relations
  41. 10 Counter-Intuitive Tips for “Working a Room”
  42. Got 15 Minutes? He’ll Make You a Marketer
  43. Administrators Can Manage Marketing
  44. Let Logic, Not Panic, Guide Your Public Speaking
  45. Promoting Your Practice Through Non-Profit Organizations
  46. Doing Business With Friends
  47. Sell More: Get a Handle on Contact Management
  48. Holiday Marketing: The Pros and Cons of Greeting Cards, Gifts and Gatherings
  49. Public Relations for the Small Firm and Solo Practitioner
  50. 12 Tips for Making Your Seminars a Superior Marketing Machine
  51. Marketing Your Law Practice on the Internet
  52. Motivating Non-Marketers: Tips From Marketing Partners
  53. Marketing Leadership: Inspirational Techniques for Changing the Firm Culture
  54. Following Up After Lunch
  55. Create Achievable Marketing Plans
  56. Successful Marketing Requires Accurate Targeting
  57. Discussing Fees
  58. Unconventional Wisdom for Practice Development
  59. Marketing Through the Spoken Word: Conversations and Public Speaking
  60. Procrastination: The Nemesis of Marketing
  61. Developing a Marketing Culture in Your Firm
  62. Teaching Lawyers to Market
  63. Turn Technology into Competitive Advantage
  64. Differentiation in Marketing Professional Services
  65. A Marketing ‘Coach’ to Make It All Palatable
  66. Easing the Pain of Making It Rain
  67. Marketing Through Public Speaking
  68. Law Firms Find Associates Can Make Rain, Too
  69. Motivating Non-Marketers
  70. Sabotage and Ignorance – Why Lawyers Fail to Market
  71. The 15-Minute Marketing Workout
  72. Too Busy to Market?
  73. A Place to Meet New Business
  74. Finding Financial Security Through Satisfied Clients
  75. Secrets of Working a Room
  76. Closing – The Art of Proposing
  77. Marketing – A Process, Not A Personality
  78. Learning to Market: The Educated Alternative
  79. The Fundamental Principles of Rainmaking
  80. The Right Receptionist: No Second Chance to Make First Impression