About us

About us

We teach business development strategies and skills. We work with individuals and firms. We began in 1983. Our longevity is due to our practical and effective approach. We help people identify and overcome their obstacles. We replace old ineffective habits with sensible new, positive habits. We install systems to maintain momentum. We have consulted with professionals in over 1,000 firms.

One of the cornerstones of our consulting is our BizDevCoach® software. It is a unique tool that helps people plan and implement. It provides a comprehensive tutorial and a variety of innovative tools.

We invite you to review all the publications, seminars and tools on our website. We would be happy to talk about our free services that will demonstrate our ability to be of service to you and your firm.

About the Founder

Lawrence M. Kohn is president of Kohn Communications. The firm specializes in assisting professionals in acquiring new clients. He began his consulting practice in 1983. He was a pioneer in the training technique now known as Executive Coaching. The technique has proven to be remarkably effective in helping his clients integrate new skills into their daily routines. He has personally conducted over 32,000 individual coaching sessions.

In January 2016, he released the web application, BizDevCoach, an innovative and effective program to help professionals create and implement their business development plan.

An additional component of Mr. Kohn’s consulting is helping non-profit organizations by coaching board members in fundraising. His approach helps people feel comfortable with the process.

Mr. Kohn is the co-author of Selling in Your Comfort Zone (Safe and Effective Strategies for Developing New Clients), published in 2009 by the American Bar Association and Selling with Honor (Strategies for Selling Without Selling Your Soul), originally published in 1997 by Berkley press, a division of Penguin/Putnam. He has authored and co-authored over 60 articles about marketing and management. Dozens of the articles and free seminars are available at www.kohncommunications.com.

As an educator, he earned the title of Master Instructor at UCLA Extension, at that time, a title given to only 10 out of over 2500 instructors. In addition to teaching classes in marketing and public speaking, Mr. Kohn taught the course, “Making the Classroom Come Alive” – a required course for UCLA Extension instructors.

Mr. Kohn’s business experience covers a broad range of industries. He began his business career in asset-based lending with Mercantile Financial Corp. In 1972 he founded the small business loan department for Foothill Capital. He then formed his own company, Business Loans, Inc. He created and hosted the radio program, “It’s Your Business.” He was the chairman of the board of 3-Day Blinds, the largest independently owned manufacturer and retailer of window blinds in the country at that time. He has had a broad range of clients including JPL, NASA, United Way, Walt Disney Imagineering, Farmer’s Insurance, Lowe Enterprises, Baker & McKenzie, Hogan Lovells and many others.

Mr. Kohn is active in the community. He is the past chairman of the Board of Governors of Century City Hospital. As a member of the board of Governors of the City of Hope, he co-founded their Planned Giving Speakers Bureau. He is the founder of the Leadership Program for the City of Beverly Hills for which, he has been appointed to the Order of the City of Beverly Hills, the highest honor given by the City Council. He received the Apple Award from Los Angeles Mayor Tom Bradley for his efforts in educating parents about private funding methods for public schools. He is a past board member of the Maple Counseling Center of Beverly Hills, past president of the Westwood Elementary Charter School PTA and Co-founder of the Westwood Elementary Charter School Booster Club.