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We Help Lawyers and Other Professionals Acquire New Clients

Business Development Coaching and Group Meetings

If you want to improve your business development, you’ll need to remove old habits and replace them with new ones. That process can be very difficult since old habits are often deeply entrenched. Since 1983, Kohn Communications has been helping clients overcome obstacles to business development and learn new skills. Two of our techniques include One-On-One Coaching and Group Meetings.

One-On-One Coaching

Coaching is a process of getting guidance through a series of on-going phone calls. During each call, you get practical tips. Your coach will give you proven strategies. Then, you’ll let your coach know the tasks you plan to implement prior to the next conversation. The process is educational and motivational.

The benefits of coaching:

1) Coaching is personalized

Coaching is the most effective technique for learning how to develop business. In one-on-one coaching we are able address your specific needs, personality, attitudes about business development, and level of experience.

2) Coaching is confidential

Confidentiality is an important feature of the coaching process. Our clients feel more comfortable confiding in their coach because they know that their comments are confidential. This results in more productive meetings.

Business Development Group Meetings

Group meetings are conducted via video conference for up to 10 participants. We help you conduct well-organized and motivational meetings that keep your colleagues engaged in business development, focus on new services, brainstorm strategies meeting new targets, and develop practical action items for staying connected with, and advancing important relationships.

The benefits of group meetings:

1) Group meetings stimulate good ideas.

Whenever you bring smart people together in well-run meetings, you inevitably come away with ideas that are innovative and achievable.

2) And good ideas create motivation. When you are excited about an idea, you are more likely to take action.

3) Group Meetings create new business development habits. And good habits lead to greater success.

• When participants know that a meeting is scheduled, they are more likely to come prepared with ideas to discuss.

• Well-run meetings lead to the development of action-items

• The accountability of the meetings increases the likelihood that participants will accomplish their tasks.

• The consistency of well-run meetings, builds an innovative business development culture at your firm.

Our approach produces the following benefits:

• Increased comfort with marketing

• Greater awareness of marketing opportunities

• Greater motivation

• Increased clarity about the steps to take

• Improved follow-through and organization

• Better marketing habits and skills

• More business

The vast majority of our clients have found that our fees are only a fraction of the results we help produce.

Call us at 310 717 0998 to learn more about how coaching or group meetings work. We look forward to discussing it with you.

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Productivity Coaching

Productivity means getting the most from the time you invest. For more than 40 years, we have been helping our clients improve productivity in the following areas: Time Management, Delegation, and Innovation.

In our monthly coaching conversations, we help you identify weakness and negotiate achievable tasks that you agree to implement. We invite you to contact us to a free session to demonstrate the value that we offer. [email protected]


An ever-increasing number of law firms now utilize client satisfaction surveys as a necessary and proactive client relations and business development tool. The benefits are profound. Well-designed and properly executed satisfaction surveys not only enhance client retention through improved service, but also set the stage for expanding relationships and increasing referrals.

We have been helping lawyers and other professionals in business development and client relations since 1983. We know how to overcome the obstacles to doing surveys, how to choose the right clients to interview, and how to elicit candid feedback beyond numbered scores or ratings. We also provide crucial follow-up strategies that servicing partners can use to turn positive feedback into more business.

If you would like to discuss our offer of a complimentary survey design and our conducting one free client satisfaction survey for your firm, let me know. The best way for you to experience the benefits of surveys – and our unique approach – is to give it a try. There is no obligation. For more information about our survey approach and how we can help you implement a client feedback initiative, please call 310 717 0998. We look forward to discussing it with you.

For lawyers who serve mid-market companies and/or wealthy individuals, we organize multi-host, Zoom mixers. The benefit comes by meeting the lawyer contacts of all the other hosts. The mixers are free to the guests and to the hosts. Since they are conducted on-line, they are remarkably convenient. And we provide a follow-up system so attendees can comfortably reach out to potential referral sources to develop a productive referral relationship.

We’ve been coaching lawyers in business development since 1983 and we can say for certain that for lawyers serving mid-market companies and wealthy individuals, these lawyer mixers are the best strategy by far. There is no production cost and unlike webinars, no preparation or public speaking required. Please call us to discuss the details.