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We help professionals in leadership and business development

Coaching really works

If you want to improve your business development, you’ll need to remove old habits and replace them with new ones. That process can be very difficult since old habits are often deeply entrenched.

Coaching is a process of getting guidance through a series of on-going phone calls. During each call, you get practical tips. Your coach will give you proven strategies. Then, you’ll let your coach know the tasks you plan to implement prior to the next conversation. The process is educational and motivational. Call us to learn more about how coaching works at 310 717 0998. We look forward to discussing it with you.

Welcome to BizDevCoach® It’s a dashboard on your computer to help you plan and implement your biz dev strategies. It keeps your biz dev front and center. It provides the structure you need to maximize your success. Register now for your free 30-day trial with no obligation.


An ever-increasing number of law firms now utilize client satisfaction surveys as a necessary and proactive client relations and business development tool. The benefits are profound. Well-designed and properly executed satisfaction surveys not only enhance client retention through improved service, but also set the stage for expanding relationships and increasing referrals.

We have been helping lawyers and other professionals in business development and client relations since 1983. We know how to overcome the obstacles to doing surveys, how to choose the right clients to interview, and how to elicit candid feedback beyond numbered scores or ratings. We also provide crucial follow-up strategies that servicing partners can use to turn positive feedback into more business.

If you would like to discuss our offer of a complimentary survey design and our conducting one free client satisfaction survey for your firm, let me know. The best way for you to experience the benefits of surveys – and our unique approach – is to give it a try. There is no obligation. For more information about our survey approach and how we can help you implement a client feedback initiative, please call 310 717 0998. We look forward to discussing it with you.

If you are the managing partner of a firm or the chair of a department, you may want to enhance your ability to motivate your colleagues and lead them in a new direction. A key to your success is confidence in your plan. Since 1983, we’ve helped lawyers and other professionals plan by both providing advice and by implementing a brainstorming process.

Even in the face of what appears to be insurmountable difficulty, we have been able to help our clients develop practical, quick-response steps to move the firm in a better direction. We would be happy to discuss your needs at no charge over the phone and provide some immediate guidance as a way of demonstrating our ability to help you and your firm.  Please call Larry Kohn at 310.717 0998 or email him at [email protected]


The internet has become an established method for meeting prospects and building relationships. But, many professionals do not have the interest, knowledge, or time to mount an effective, ongoing internet campaign. Kohn Communications can help you create and maintain your social media and on-line presence.

We help you to:

1) Develop an on-line strategy,
2) Develop content for blogs and other social media platforms
3) Build and enhance websites
4) Optimize your presence with search engines (SEO)

We are happy to discuss your social media and on-line marketing needs. Please contact us.

While Kohn Communications regularly coaches our clients to learn how to implement their marketing projects, there are times when our clients need off-site public relations support. In this situation, we offer a complete public relations program including outreach to television, radio and print media for interviews. We also provide a placement service for articles written by our clients. Finally, we pursue speaking opportunities for our clients at targeted trade and professional associations.

The value of public relations is that it creates name awareness and credibility in a targeted market. It is also a meaningful lead generation technique.

Our approach is different than our competitors in that we do not require a long term contract. We work on a project basis – usually in 10 hour increments. At the end of each 10 hours, we provide a detailed report of our efforts, including our contacts names and affiliations so our clients can pursue the relationships even after we’ve finished the project.

Our process is simple and effective. First we work with our clients to develop a target list of public relations opportunities. Then we develop the “pitch” for our client to approve. Finally, we methodically and persistently reach out to our targets, documenting each step along the way.

We would be happy to discuss your public relations needs. Please contact us.