“I attended a tremendously inspirational, motivational and productive series of 4 weekly 30-minute business development seminars via phone and slides with Bob Kohn at Kohn Communications, that have kickstarted my marketing practice. The seminar covered essential tools and techniques to keep business development top of mind, to widen my target audience, to develop words that sell my services, and to organize the many leads using their wonderful BizDevCoach app. For someone busy who is always juggling time, my favorite take away was to take 5 minutes to do SOMETHING every day – I have a sticker on my keyboard that says “5 min BizDev” and have done something every day to make an outreach, follow up on a lead or work on a project involving my target audience. This program was filled with simple, practical and powerful steps one can take to build their practice, bolstered with wisdom, support and encouragement. I highly recommend it!”

Caroline Vincent, Esq., Mediator/Arbitrator

– Caroline Vincent, Esq., Mediator/Arbitrator ADR Services, Inc.

“Lawrence “Larry” Kohn is a dynamic and engaging presenter on management and leadership. His recent facilitation of the third segment of ALA Capital Chapter Leadership Series was motivating for all in attendance. Larry’s influence to draw the audience into a thought-provoking discussion which was focused on “how to get a seat at the table” left them wanting more. Larry shared some tips and tricks on how to influence the decision makers; develop an innovative proposal that will grab any key stakeholders’ attention; and an implementation strategy. More importantly, I walked away with the following steps to better my chance once I got a seat at the table: (1) communicate the benefits (values); (2) anticipate the obstacle; and (3) manage through the safety and fear syndrome. These steps have been working like a charm.”

Edward P. Ross

– Edward P. Ross ALA Capital Chapter President 2009-2010

“Larry’s presentation at our ALA Chicago Chapter on improving communication in a law firm got rave reviews! Larry did a wonderful job of sharing information, keeping it interactive and giving great takeaways that could be applicable when I headed back to my office. Thanks for the knowledge!”

Sherry L. Gini, Director of Human Resources

– Sherry L. Gini, Director of Human Resources Goldberg Kohn

“I thoroughly enjoyed your presentation on Recession Rainmaking today at the Philadelphia Chapter luncheon. In this tough economy, it has become even more imperative that our attorneys understand and implement business development strategies. With your practical approach and proven techniques, it makes it easy for us as administrators to support the attorneys in their efforts to create income now and in the future. I would highly recommend this session to attorneys, administrators and everyone on the legal management team.”

Deborah L. Margulies, President – Philadelphia Chapter

– Deborah L. Margulies, President – Philadelphia Chapter Association of Legal Administrators

“If Academy Awards were given for presenters, Dr. Jill Kohn would be a perennial nominee. She captivated our membership with her well-researched, thought-provoking presentation on The Dysfunctional Office, which also branched into corporate communications, conflict resolution and rules of engagement for achieving cordial office behavior… Jill Kohn’s well-paced delivery, peppered with insight, humor and spot-on graphics was a big hit with our group.”

Mary Jean Burdick

– Mary Jean Burdick PIHRA (Professionals in Human Resources Association)

“I had the pleasure of first hearing Larry Kohn at a 2005 ALA National Conference in San Francisco. I felt that his “selling with honor” approach to marketing would resonate with our firm’s attorneys, so I immediately booked Larry for our firm retreat. As predicted, his active and entertaining presentation was well received. So much so, most of our attorneys signed up for his mentoring program. The following year I suggested Larry as a dinner speaker for our annual ALA Oregon Partner Dinner event. The ALA Oregon board felt that Larry’s message should not be limited to partners, so we added a half day seminar, which was open to firm administrators, marketing professionals, and attorneys. Both events were well attended and once again, Larry’s message and delivery style made for a fun and informative event.”

Denise Doherty, Administrator

– Denise Doherty, Administrator Cosgrave Vergeer Kester LLP

“I am pleased to say that representatives from Kohn Communications have been speaking at the State Bar of California Annual Meeting since 1986. All of their presentations have been well attended, informative, and motivational. The speakers have been organized and very professional in their conduct. They consistently received top evaluations. I have nothing but good things to say about Kohn Communications. My 15+ years working with Kohn Communications has proven their loyalty and commitment to the State Bar and the attorneys in California.”

 Theresa Raglen, Meeting and Event Administrator

– Theresa Raglen, Meeting and Event Administrator State Bar of California, Section Education and Meeting Services

“I found your presentation style and content to be entertaining while maintaining the professional demeanor required by our legal community. I received numerous program evaluations and several follow-up communications from our members who attended your presentation who indicated that they were glad they had found the time in their busy day to attend your program.”

Elaine Richelieu, Executive Director

– Elaine Richelieu, Executive Director Monterey County Bar Association

“We were very impressed with your professionalism. The program you created was informative and motivational and received outstanding reviews.”

Dena Kleeman, Chairperson, Law Practice Management Section

– Dena Kleeman, Chairperson, Law Practice Management Section Los Angeles County Bar Association

“It was obviously a timely topic considering that we enjoyed five times the number of people attending than I expected! It is unusual for us to get over 100 attendees at our lunch meetings. More importantly, those who I spoke to after the presentation felt you were interesting, informative, and gave practical information on getting new clients.”

Donald Solomon, attorney

– Donald Solomon, attorney San Diego County Bar Association

“Your presentation was insightful, and the comments we have received have been very positive. Your program was the best attended event in the chapter’s history, we were literally sold out.”

Dawn Fleming, Program Chair

– Dawn Fleming, Program Chair National Law Firm Marketing Association

“I would like to thank you for speaking at my Computer Law class at Southwestern University Law School. Many of the students told me after class that your presentation was one of the most important things they learned in law school.”

Jeffrey Mausner, Adjunct Associate Professor of Law

– Jeffrey Mausner, Adjunct Associate Professor of Law Southwestern University Law School

“The students in the class really enjoyed and benefited from your presentation. You clearly demonstrated your expertise in this area, and your teaching style was energetic and captivating. In fact, I am pleased to tell you that on their evaluations, they gave you the highest possible scores.”

Beth Rothenberg, Instructor

– Beth Rothenberg, Instructor UCLA Extension

“Your presentation was most informative, interesting and apparently quite well received. Many people came up to me at the end of the meeting, telling me how much they enjoyed and learned from the presentation.”

Ralph Bovitz, Chair

– Ralph Bovitz, Chair California CPA Society Los Angeles Chapter

“I know you gave those fortunate enough to hear you something unique to think about. It’s always nice to hear someone who is a pro and really excited about their subject. You are.”

H. Edward White, Chair

– H. Edward White, Chair CPA Society Litigation Committee

“Your creativity and interaction made the meeting a useful seminar.”

Zoe TeBeau, Co-Chairman

– Zoe TeBeau, Co-Chairman East San Gabriel Valley CPA Discussion Group

“Thank you for mesmerizing our members at our September meeting! Many members took extensive notes during your speech, and you are the first speaker to have ever been asked for an encore!”

Jennifer Cayer, president

– Jennifer Cayer, president National Association for Professional Saleswomen

“Thank you again for making this our most successful event for the Business Resources Committee to date.”

Janice Metz, Director of Public Relations

– Janice Metz, Director of Public Relations Century City Chamber of Commerce

“It was a most valuable presentation and we received a lot of positive feedback. You facilitated a wonderful session which gave our Board members a safe place to share their feelings and discuss ways in which we can begin to confront our fears and get beyond the obstacles.”

Lee Smith, Campaign Chair

– Lee Smith, Campaign Chair The Jewish Federation

“I can’t thank you enough for the wonderful job you did the other evening at our communications seminar. I know from the many compliments I received after the program that your presentation was extremely well received and timely.”

S. Alan Rosen, Training Chair

– S. Alan Rosen, Training Chair The Jewish Federation