“Bob Kohn at Kohn Communications is a marketing and time-management Guru. Bob is patient yet persistent, and he knows how to inform and lead busy attorneys as they refine their marketing strategies.

The experts at Kohn Communications make strategic and worthwhile connections, and that is invaluable. In fact, after I attended one of Bob’s presentations, he arranged for me to participate in one of his attorney networking meetings, and in one week I have already received a client referral and I have made several strategic contacts with other attorneys who are great referral resources for me.

I’m a busy family law attorney, but it is clear to me that time spent with Bob and his staff is worthwhile.”

Richard Sperling

– Richard Sperling Sperling Family Law Group

“Our firm hired Larry Kohn to work with one of our most promising young attorneys on his personal productivity years ago. They attorney had come from the public sector and was transitioning into private practice with us. The stakes were high, as the attorney was and is a tremendous talent in one of our core practice areas. Not only did we see improvement in productivity in the near term, but the attorney asked to continue working with Larry on a go-forward basis. Some habits are hard to break, but fast-forward to today and I can tell you that we have seen light years of improvement from this attorney —- as I write this he is having his best year with the firm thus far.”


– ANTHONY L. MARRÉ | Attorney Wilson, Cribbs & Goren, P.C.

“Larry Kohn is a wizard at discerning, distilling and defining the essence of issues and situations; clarifying your key objectives; and coaching you forward to assure that you achieve your objectives.”

“Larry is the quintessential productivity guru. I have become a more productive attorney and person over the 20+ years that I have worked with Larry.”

Gary E. Zausmer

– Gary E. Zausmer Enoch Kever PLLC

“A good coach is one whose suggestions really help you reach your goals. A great coach is one whom you look forward to talking to every month. Larry Kohn is a great coach. He motivates me at every opportunity. Thanks to Larry, my law practice is more efficient and more rewarding. To give some specific examples, I’m now much more efficient at client communication (e.g., e-mails), maximizing delegation, and business development. Not only do I have more clients, my onboarding and management processes are now streamlined. With Larry’s help, I have developed systems for reaching out to larger numbers of contacts using less time and improved my ability to identify the best use of my time. I have delegation processes that allow me to serve a much larger and profitable client base. I now have more time for the people and activities that produce the most value and enjoyment.”

Steven Colby

– Steven Colby Partner, Rimon Law

“Larry has been an indispensable resource to me for the past 17 years. He has provided advice to me across all aspects of my professional life with a collegial, direct, common sense approach. I’m far more productive as a result of my relationship with Larry, and more sane too! Larry adds value each and every time we talk. He’s the most organized person I know, and he has passed along his methods for prioritizing what’s important. I have adopted with great success his recommendations to schedule my “personal thinking time”, utilize shared online task lists, clarify my priorities to my team and delegate to them as much as possible. His philosophies of asking my associates “What’s next?” and encouraging my associates to ask me, “What can I take off your plate?” have meaningfully improved our group’s productivity. I often describe Larry as the professional wind beneath my wings!”

Matt Walker

– Matt Walker Executive Vice President, Lowe

“Dear Larry — I’m grateful for all of your advice regarding my personal productivity. As an entrepreneur, there are all sorts of demands on my time, and your specific, detailed advice has helped me identify the highest-value tasks. This, in turn, has helped me not only in terms of marketing, but in terms of client service, the management of my firm, and my personal stress levels. Your guidance has been transformative. Thanks again for all your help. Best regards – Marty Dakessian”

Marty Dakessian

– Marty Dakessian Dakessian Law, Ltd.

“Kohn Communications has been working with me for over seven years now, and I was meeting with Larry to try to make partner at my law firm. One obstacle was not having enough time to do marketing because of all of the work on my desk, and managing to get through it. Larry got to the root (or roots) of my problems. We set up a system for delegation that involved a task manager. Not only do I still use the task manager 5 years later, so does the rest of my firm and it is an integral part of delegation. Larry also has coached me into setting up systems to allow for faster and more productive feedback with associates. Of course, all of these techniques take time and effort, but they have worked very well. It has freed up more time in my day to work on marketing and business development, which are fundamental to my role as a partner.”

Brooke M. Pollard, Esq. Partner

– Brooke M. Pollard, Esq. Partner TREDWAY LUMSDAINE & DOYLE LLP

“Larry Kohn has TRANSFORMED my life and my law practice. We started our relationship with the goal of improving my marketing efforts. We soon discovered that it is difficult to focus on marketing when my practice is not operating properly. With that realization, Larry taught me strategies to better manage my communications with my clients and staff, maintain better records, be more systematic with task management and monitoring, and have an overall better work/life balance. Since then, I’ve found that there are fewer mistakes, better efficiency, and I have less stress because my mind isn’t as preoccupied with what we might be neglecting or forgetting. Now I have more bandwidth and energy to pursue the marketing techniques that Larry is teaching me. More importantly, we are better equipped to efficiently manage the increased workload generated by my marketing efforts.”



“Over the many years that I have worked with Larry, he has provided numerous tools for business development, time management and career navigation. He has also shared techniques for managing people and maximizing my personal and financial rewards. Larry provided reminders until they eventually became habits. Just one example is that he has always said that if I am overwhelmed, it means that I‘m not delegating enough. He said, “Every time you are overwhelmed, ask yourself, “What am I doing that can be delegated?”” Over the years, I was able to develop an instinctive reaction and take action. I not only use his myriad reminders for myself, but I share this advice with others, magnifying his impact within the banking and legal community.”

Jennifer Muller, Managing Director

– Jennifer Muller, Managing Director Houlihan Lokey

“I’ve had the privilege of working with Larry Kohn for several years, and his coaching has been transformative for both my personal efficiency and my team’s performance. Larry’s innovative approach to structuring communications has streamlined our project management, while his insights into delegation have allowed us to build effective reporting structures, enhancing our overall productivity. His focus on prioritizing tasks for maximum ROI of time has drastically improved my personal efficiency. Beyond his expertise, Larry’s empathetic and customized approach to coaching makes him a true mentor. I wholeheartedly recommend Larry Kohn to anyone looking to elevate their productivity and success.”

Alex More​​​​, Partner

– Alex More​​​​, Partner Carrington, Coleman, Sloman & Blumenthal, L.L.P.