“Bob Kohn at Kohn Communications is a marketing and time-management Guru. Bob is patient yet persistent, and he knows how to inform and lead busy attorneys as they refine their marketing strategies.

The experts at Kohn Communications make strategic and worthwhile connections, and that is invaluable. In fact, after I attended one of Bob’s presentations, he arranged for me to participate in one of his attorney networking meetings, and in one week I have already received a client referral and I have made several strategic contacts with other attorneys who are great referral resources for me.

I’m a busy family law attorney, but it is clear to me that time spent with Bob and his staff is worthwhile.”

Richard Sperling

– Richard Sperling Sperling Family Law Group

“When I was approached to participate in a virtual Lawyer Mixer, moderated by Larry, I was skeptical. It was a novel concept, but I could not imagine that a zoom meeting of numerous lawyers could be informative, enjoyable, productive and/or beneficial to my practice. I was wrong. It was all those things, and more. A few weeks ago, I attended a Lawyer Mixer, as one of the co-hosts. Not only did I have the opportunity to explain to the group what I do for a living – and what I enjoy about my practice – but I learned so much about various practice areas ad feel like I have a new group of colleagues. Of course, I was responsible for the follow up and have had a number of subsequent conversations with other lawyer participants, which ultimately achieved my goal of branching out my network of people who will refer me cases and to whom I can refer. I would not hesitate to participate in a Lawyer Mixer again.”

Victoria E. Moss

– Victoria E. Moss BURNS & MOSS

“It has been a long time since I have participated in networking events (Zoom or in person). Larry was very confident and outgoing which put me at ease. It was a great way to get back into connecting with my colleagues on a personal level.”

Deborah Coel, Esq.

– Deborah Coel, Esq. Law Office of Deborah Coel

“Larry is a business development genius and someone that I trust. I recently attended his online lawyer mixer, which was an effective use of my time, enabling me to introduce our law firm and connect with over 40 attorneys in an hour. It did not disappoint.”

Jerome Fogel

– Jerome Fogel Fogel & Potamianos LLP

“We have worked with Kohn Communications for two years and couldn’t be happier. From 1-on-1 coaching to virtual trainings, they have the tools and talent to complement your marketing staff in helping take your attorneys to the next level in their business development efforts.”

Lari Gulley, Director of Business Development & Recruitment

– Lari Gulley, Director of Business Development & Recruitment Hall Estill

“What a wonderful experience to meet so many talented lawyers!

I was a bit skeptical to participate in a lawyer mixer via Zoom. However, I was pleasantly surprised! As always, Larry Kohn facilitated a terrific online event, which enabled me to engage in meaningful discussions with lawyers from different specialties who will be valuable future connections. I would not hesitate to participate in one of Larry’s mixers in the future.”

Courtney Overland

– Courtney Overland OVERLAND & OVERLAND

“I recently participated in an online networking mixer hosted by Larry. It was a terrific event. I met several great attorneys in my breakout room and have already been in touch with a couple of them in order to discuss how we may be able to work together in the future.”

Eric Beane, Partner

– Eric Beane, Partner Foundation Law Group LLP

“I really enjoyed the mixer and thought it was a great way to meet a variety of other attorneys. I have already scheduled a few separate meetings based on the mixer. Thanks for including me.”

Justin Farar

– Justin Farar Farar & Lewis

“I cannot thank you enough for inviting me to your marketing mixer. In this now virtual meeting world, marketing has become an increasing challenge. The idea of having a large group of lawyers, but not too large so that we do not get to know and learn about each other, interact in a virtual network set up by your firm, with break up groups and follow-up, was an excellent opportunity that I would otherwise not have had the opportunity to encounter. I have already established contacts, and, very pleasantly, reestablished old contacts who I had not seen or spoken to for years. Overall this was a very valuable meeting for me and a way to get my and my firm’s expertise and experience across to many lawyers who I would otherwise not have had the opportunity to meet.”

Breton Bocchieri

– Breton Bocchieri Bocchieri & Lachuk, Intellectual Law Group,pc

“I was invited to the online lawyer mixer by Kohn Communications. It was billed as a way to meet more attorneys that may be good referral sources. It definitely fit the bill. I logged onto the zoom at the correct time and there were quite a few attorneys on as well. Each attorney spent about ½ minute describing their practice area. There were large firm attorneys, solo practitioners and in between (which I am). I was looking for a good securities attorney to represent my clients, and have had the hardest time finding one that works with small businesses. Low and behold, there was one on the call! Also as a south Orange County attorney I get many requests for assistance with Mexican law, which I cannot perform. To my surprise, there was a Mexican / US attorney on the call. It was a great way to spend a little time to get some good potential referral sources.”

Brooke M. Pollard, Esq. Partner

– Brooke M. Pollard, Esq. Partner TREDWAY LUMSDAINE & DOYLE LLP

“I attended a Kohn Communications mixer. I appreciate how much planning they put into it. And, the mixer itself was enjoyable. The host guided the Zoom mixer so that everyone was engaged. It was fast-paced and very productive. Following the mixer, they provided everyone with a roster of those in attendance (inviting only those who opted in to be a part of the roster). I found the mixer to be a good use of time in a world where demands on time are high.”

Jeffrey D. Wolf, Esq.

– Jeffrey D. Wolf, Esq. Heimanson & Wolf, LLP

“The online lawyer mixer is the most efficient way to meet qualified attorneys and potential referral sources. Larry keeps the dialog moving at the right pace, and business development is at the forefront of every dialog. I’ve met some wonderful people, and am always grateful to Larry for hosting such a wonderful event. Thank you Larry.”

Francis S. Ryu, Esq.

– Francis S. Ryu, Esq. RYU LAW FIRM

“I’ve really enjoyed the lawyer mixers. Having my own firm since the early 2000s, I’ve found that we get most of our cases from other lawyers. Kohn Communications understands the value of lawyer-to-lawyer contacts, and its mixers create excellent referral opportunities. Keep up the good work, Larry!”

John M. Genga

– John M. Genga GENGA & ASSOCIATES, P.C.

“I had a great time at the recent Kohn Communications online lawyer mixer. There was a diverse mix of qualified attorneys, including several new potential referral sources with whom I’ve since connected. In particular, I enjoyed the way that business development was at the forefront of the event. It was directly to the point, and did what the invitation said: create a network of good referral sources.”

Michael J. Fedalen, Partner

– Michael J. Fedalen, Partner KFB Rice, LLP Los Angeles, CA

“The Kohn Communications’ lawyer mixers are a wonderful opportunity to get to know other attorneys in your area from a range of practice areas. Formerly, this was the sort of thing that you might expect to do through local and regional bar associations, but COVID has pretty much wiped out those sorts of social engagements. It’s a delight to see Kohn Communications picking up the slack and bringing us together again. During a recent lawyer mixer, I met a number of attorneys that I would love to get to know better and even had a couple reach out to me. Thanks to Larry Kohn of Kohn Communications for putting it together!”

Ramon Lamelas, Esq.

– Ramon Lamelas, Esq. JAKLE, ALEXANDER & PATTON, LLP

“I thoroughly enjoyed and appreciated your lawyer mixer. I had an opportunity to get introduced to numerous other lawyers, several of whom I have already reached out to or they have reached out to me. I would wholeheartedly recommend your mixers to my colleagues and would be delighted to enjoy additional meetings.”