Public Speaking Training Testimonials

Public Speaking Training Testimonials

“The students in Making an Effective Sales Presentation have rated your classroom performance with a perfect score.”

– Karim Cherif, Academic Programs Manager
Department of Business and Management, UCLA Extension

“The vast amount of information that you conveyed to me concerning general presentation skills made me realize that I would be doing more than just fine tuning my skills. From tips on the structure of a speech, to the reworking of the message to make it more appropriate for the target, to the nuances of word choice, I came away from our sessions feeling 100% better about my skills as a speaker.”

– Richard Angel, Esq., Partner
Buchalter, Nemer, Fields & Younger

“Your pre-conference coaching exceeded my expectations enabling me to plan, organize and deliver my presentation with confidence and enthusiasm – and the audience responded appropriately.”

– Robert L. Davidson, Executive Vice President
Bolton & Company

“You entirely and positively changed my view of speaking, thinking and presenting.”

– Richard Bergman, Chair
UCLA Board of Governors Building Fund Campaign 2000

“I am writing to thank you for your exemplary efforts in helping me improve my public speaking skills.”

– Jeffrey Mullins, Esq., Partner
Coolidge, Wall, Womsley & Lombard

“Your coaching brought my presentation into focus and helped me communicate my ideas in a cogent and memorable manner.”

– Scott Adamson, Esq., Partner
Rodi, Pollock