“Bob Kohn at Kohn Communications is a marketing and time-management Guru. Bob is patient yet persistent, and he knows how to inform and lead busy attorneys as they refine their marketing strategies.

The experts at Kohn Communications make strategic and worthwhile connections, and that is invaluable. In fact, after I attended one of Bob’s presentations, he arranged for me to participate in one of his attorney networking meetings, and in one week I have already received a client referral and I have made several strategic contacts with other attorneys who are great referral resources for me.

I’m a busy family law attorney, but it is clear to me that time spent with Bob and his staff is worthwhile.”

Richard Sperling

– Richard Sperling Sperling Family Law Group

“I have been working with Bob since I was an associate. Early in my career he helped me to develop a business development plan that was clear and concise. Over the years I refined the plan through practice and regular meetings with Bob. I have now been promoted to Principal and I believe that Bob played a role in that by helping me demonstrate a commitment to business development to my firm through the years.”

Ryan Connell, partner

– Ryan Connell, partner Schwegman Lundberg

“Larry did a phenomenal job helping focus our marketing efforts. He is knowledgeable and insightful; a true asset. Larry provides real-world useful guidance that makes an impact almost immediately. Happy to recommend Larry and Kohn Communications to my friends and colleagues.”

Gary L. Rotkop, Esq., President

– Gary L. Rotkop, Esq., President Law Offices of Gary L. Rotkop, a P.C.

“I’ve been working with Bob for years about marketing concepts that have been resonating with me since we first starting talking about them, and now most of these concepts are just second nature. It’s amazing how ingrained they become and how easy they are to implement after a while.”

Thomas B. Magee, Partner

– Thomas B. Magee, Partner Keller and Heckman LLP

“Larry has been a great resource for me. He helped me look at marketing in a whole new way, and saved me a ton of time by explaining what works and what doesn’t, and why. He also is very savvy about the proper management of internal firm dynamics. Thanks to his good advice, I have vastly improved my marketing portfolio and created many new opportunities for myself. Regardless of where you are in thinking about marketing yourself, Larry can help you.”


– DC If you want to contact to discuss DC please notify us Larry Kohn [email protected] and he will arrange for a conversation.

“I worked with Larry for about three years to further my business development efforts. I couldn’t be happier. I was always fairly good about marketing and had a number of successes before working with Larry, but I never had a formal strategy. Larry helped me develop a systematic approach to business development that fit well with my practice and my personality, and he held me accountable for executing on that strategy. Larry gradually pushed me out of my comfort zone, which opened up new avenues to identify and engage with prospective clients. As a result, my book of business has over doubled in the time we worked together. I use the tools Larry taught me on a daily basis and they have positioned me well to continue growing my practice for the rest of my career.”

Joshua A. Schneiderman

– Joshua A. Schneiderman Snell & Wilmer L.L.P.

“Thank you for the time, effort, and advice you have given me over the past ten years as my business development coach. When I think about the practical tips you have shared with me and why they work, I begin to laugh because they are so logical and true, but I could not see them without your guidance. The results speak for themselves. But more than anything else, your passion for helping lawyers like me is what really sets you apart from the crowd. Not only are you the best coach around, but I will always consider you my friend.”

Robert S. Harrell, Partner

– Robert S. Harrell, Partner Mayer Brown LLP

“Kohn Communications is the best! I have worked with a dozen Coaches over the last several decades of my practice. Larry is the real deal. His advice started making a difference immediately. Even though the pandemic has decimated my area of law, the phones continue to ring & using his protocol & following his guidance, I see my practice beginning to grow. Give him a shot. You won’t be disappointed.”

Ronald Melin Supancic

– Ronald Melin Supancic The Law Collaborative, APC

“Bob continues to be an invaluable resource in growing my practice and our firm’s office in the Bay Area. Due in part to his coaching, I have seen my new client portfolio nearly double in the last two years. Bob offers pragmatic advice and is strategic in helping his clients develop successful habits to identify and pursue new business targets. His deep knowledge of the legal industry is obvious and overall, he’s just a pleasure to work with.”

Mitzi Ng Clark

– Mitzi Ng Clark Keller and Heckman LLP

“BizDevCoach is a unique and effective tool for business development planning and implementation. By combining a tutorial with an interactive dashboard design, it teaches and it motivates. The Kohn brothers were pioneers in the early years of legal marketing and with this web app, they continue to be on the cutting edge.”

José Cunningham, Chief Marketing Officer

– José Cunningham, Chief Marketing Officer Nixon Peabody

“I just thought I’d take a moment and drop you a quick email to say thank you for all the invaluable assistance you have given me over the years with my professional client development efforts. Your specific client development suggestions are often excellent. But what I have benefited from most is the accountability our monthly sessions provide and the new habits you have taught me. There was a time when I could easily convince myself that I was too busy to devote any time, effort and energy to client development planning and activities. Thanks to you I now know that even during my craziest months I can always find time to at least mentally assess where I am with my current client targets and where I would like to go as soon as my schedule calms down and more time is available.”

“You have made me a far better law partner and far better business developer. I greatly appreciate your help and look forward to continuing to work with you.”

Kevin W. Yankowsky, Partner

– Kevin W. Yankowsky, Partner Norton Rose Fulbright US LLP

“I have learned all I know about building a community with clients from Kohn Communications. I endorse them to any professional for coaching on building and improving business.”

Ben M. Davidson

– Ben M. Davidson Davidson Law Group

“Larry is a thought leader in business using his expertise to support others in their businesses. I have had the great pleasure of working with several coaches and consultants in the past, all with certain specialties, but Larry is the one who brings the most comprehensive and efficient approach to the table when it comes to growing my law practice. ”

Marlo Van Oorschot, Attorney/Mediator

– Marlo Van Oorschot, Attorney/Mediator Van Oorschot Law Group, PC

“From day one Bob lays out a plan, and keeps you to task. Bob offers small, achievable steps to get you moving in the right direction. I felt at ease in talking with Bob, as he has a personal demeanor and provides a reasonable and intuitive approach to business development. The suggestions and advice Bob provides seem like common knowledge, but are actually very insightful and helpful. I would highly recommend utilizing Bob’s skill set to anybody looking to better market themselves.”

Gary Speier, Shareholder

– Gary Speier, Shareholder Schwegman, Lundberg, Woessner

“Larry’s advice and counsel helped jump start my business originations shortly after the birth of my son when I feared that there would be little chance I could handle the responsibilities of motherhood, partnership and rainmaking all at the same time. Larry understands the working mom/private practice partner gig and helped focus the limited time I could spare for marketing into tangible results. Years later, when it looked like changing firms was the right business decision, I had options because of my established client base. Larry’s commitment to my success went way beyond what you would expect from a “marketing coach” and I am personally indebted to him for his help over the last several years.”

Meghan B. Clark, Partner

– Meghan B. Clark, Partner Ferguson Case Orr Paterson LLP

“Larry, It has been a 20 plus year privilege to know you. What’s more, I also cannot repeat often enough how much your counsel and programs have been a material part of any success we may enjoy. From even before we began, starting with the program that I attended where you spoke, you have been the single most important part of the marketing agenda which has helped us grow and become one of the rare firms in our industry that has transitioned from a practice to a business. Thank you so much for all you’ve done for us over the years.”

Robert A. Berliner, Chairman

– Robert A. Berliner, Chairman Westmount Asset Management, Inc.

“Having founded my firm at age 26 and help build it over 32 years to 260 people, I thought I knew legal marketing and sales. Was I wrong! Larry Kohn and his team are helping me go to the next level of effectiveness. I have already seen great results with only 6 months of coaching and believe I have just scratched the surface of their improvement training. I recommend Kohn Communications without qualification.”

Robert Sterne, Director

– Robert Sterne, Director Sterne, Kessler, Goldstein & Fox, P.L.L.C.

“Dear Larry, I am out speaking on panels and taking advantage of the marketing opportunities I am seeing. I firmly believe that without your patience and guidance this would not have happened. You performed a miracle with me. I remain eternally grateful. Please feel free to use me as a reference. Laura Glynn”

Laura Glynn

– Laura Glynn Partner, Gennari Aronson, LLP

“I’ve got, literally, 2 shelves full of business books focusing on the law firm and how to generate business – and by far – the most on point publication is Selling in your Comfort Zone By Larry and Robert Kohn. I liberally use the information from the book to help my attorneys develop into better rainmakers on a regular basis.”

Nathan Smith

– Nathan Smith Director of Marketing, Gunster, Yoakley & Stewart, P.A.

“Our firm has benefited tremendously from the programs, resources and guidance offered by Larry and his firm. They have helped us individually and collectively to improve our marketing practices and outcomes and to strengthen our mentoring program.”

Karen F Jones

– Karen F Jones Managing Principal, Riddell Williams P.S.

“Thanks again for your Rainmaker Workshop program. I have used it for ten years now, and it works just as well today as did when I started. But with ten years practice, I am better at applying your techniques. I could not recommend a product more highly. Kudos for a job very well done!”

William E. Mussman III

– William E. Mussman III Partner, Mussman & Mussman, LLP

“I want to thank you for the assistance you have provided. Your consulting provides not only great ideas, but also a system that really helps me implement my rainmaking activities. I highly recommend your service.”

Randall J. Holmgren, Partner

– Randall J. Holmgren, Partner Jones Waldo

“Larry can help teach the most awkward professional to improve their marketing skills – even attorneys! And he’s a nice guy, too.”

Steve Peden, Special Counsel

– Steve Peden, Special Counsel Steptoe & Johnson

“Years ago I attended a seminar Bob Kohn gave, and it was a watershed moment. His perspective and suggestions helped me see the practice of law in a completely different light. I have worked with him for years since then, and he has helped me focus on identifying, delivering, and communicating value to existing and potential clients which has greatly helped develop my book of business.”

Scott Hennigh, Partner

– Scott Hennigh, Partner Sheppard Mullen Richter & Hampton LLP

“Six or so months ago Bob Kohn spoke at our firm about marketing professional services. He was by far and away the best speaker I have ever heard on the topic in 25 years as an attorney. Bob offers an exceptionally useful service that some of our attorneys have been using already for a very modest fee. Essentially Bob schedules one 15-minute phone call per month to help keep an attorney’s business development efforts moving and to assist in tracking and identifying opportunities. He is a delight to work with and even if you think you know everything already he can help you.”

Steve Lundberg

– Steve Lundberg Schwegman, Lundberg, Woessner

“Jeff is an extremely effective marketing coach. He really helped me focus on the critical elements of marketing and how to effectively set aside and use my marketing time. One of my biggest obstacles to effective marketing was that it felt like a chore and I never felt that I had sufficient time to market. Jeff helped me realize that marketing could be done effectively without being a chore and with a minimal time commitment.”

Anthony C. Alfonso, Attorney, LEED AP

– Anthony C. Alfonso, Attorney, LEED AP Holland + Knight

“It has been a privilege to work with you over the past eight years. I have found you to be highly professional in your approach and your professionalism has helped make me more professional.”

“You have provided me and my partners with many practical marketing tips that really work. The new business originations at our firm have quadrupled during the eight years we have used your services and my personal results have increased by an even greater magnitude. Your consultations were a significant factor in our achievements.”

“I would not hesitate to recommend your services to any professional interested in being more successful at developing business.”

William E. Winfield, Partner

– William E. Winfield, Partner Nordman Cormany Hair & Compton LLP

“As the Chair of Howrey’s award-winning Training and Professional Development Committee, I can wholeheartedly recommend Kohn Communications. We have retained them to assist us in a number of different ways: coaching our partners on selling and marketing skills; helping to develop our associates’ nascent business development skills; and, teaching our supervising partners how to become better coaches themselves in dealing with our associates. What I like the most about Kohn Communications is their ability to focus on teaching specific, tangible actions to improve rather than getting our lawyers lost in a thicket of amorphous marketing jargon.”

Martin Cunniff

– Martin Cunniff Howrey LLP

“The evaluations that I received from other partners and associates confirmed my impression that Larry was an excellent facilitator and of benefit to the firm. Mr. Kohn’s firm also works individually with some of our young lawyers on their marketing skills and we have seen good progress with those lawyers.”

Jonathan Rothschild

– Jonathan Rothschild Mesch, Clark & Rothschild, P.C.

“The exercise has been a tremendous spring board for our firm marketing efforts.”

Robert W. Donaldson, Managing Partner

– Robert W. Donaldson, Managing Partner Black Helterline LLP

“The coaching from Kohn Communications helps us create individualized business development plans that fit our busy schedules. The coaches help us take meaningful action with prospects and turn them into clients. We all know that we need to develop more business. The Kohn coaches provide the tactics and the motivation we need to ensure it gets done.”

Tracy Durkin, Director

– Tracy Durkin, Director Sterne, Kessler, Goldstein & Fox P.L.L.C.

“My monthly marketing meetings with Bob Kohn are invaluable to my practice. They help me stay organized, focused and motivated, and I’ve been able to expand my practice because of them.”

Eric Berg, Attorney At Law,

– Eric Berg, Attorney At Law, Hatch & Parent, A Law Corporation

“I would highly recommend Jeff Miiller at Kohn Communications to anyone looking to enhance the marketing and sales skills that are a key ingredient for success in any business. With Jeff as my personal business coach these last two years, I have attained my goal of opening my own practice and am enjoying the ongoing process of networking and building lasting and mutually beneficial professional relationships that allow my new practice to grow and thrive.”

Todd Stevenson, Esq.

– Todd Stevenson, Esq. Stevenson Law Office

“Working with Bob helped drive my career to the next level. He guided me in making good, sometimes difficult decisions about where to spend my time and energy. Bob demonstrates deep knowledge and sound judgment about the legal services industry. My time with Bob has been time well spent.”

Theodore P. Augustinos, Partner

– Theodore P. Augustinos, Partner Edwards Angell Palmer & Dodge LLP

“Bob Kohn’s coaching has helped me focus and refine my marketing efforts in the field of trademark and copyright law. He has made me more aware of what prospective clients are looking for and on how best to meet their expectations. His creative approach enables me to efficiently and productively communicate my strengths and abilities.”

Jonathan S. Jennings

– Jonathan S. Jennings Pattishall, McAuliffe, Newbury, Hilliard & Geraldson LLP

“I have been amazed at the results we have been able to achieve through our work together in such a short period of time.”

Chris Carroll, Senior Associate

– Chris Carroll, Senior Associate Duff & Phelps

“The primary benefit that I have received is your unique ability to bring marketing and practice management issues into clear focus. This unique quality, coupled with your genuine interest in my practice, have made for a rewarding relationship.”

Gregg R. Wind

– Gregg R. Wind Gregg R. Wind & Associates

“Thank you for presenting clear, common sense and action provoking methods for us to market our services. Truly, we have had only positive results; we’re learning that promoting our business can be both productive and fun.”

Debra Vardi

– Debra Vardi XL Services

“As Director of Business Development for this firm, I want to thank you for an outstanding seminar. Your presentation was thoroughly engaging and enjoyable, with the concepts easily implemental.”

Meradith Cherbo, Director of Business Development

– Meradith Cherbo, Director of Business Development Bobrow/Thomas and Associates Architects

“Thank you for assisting our firm in understanding ways to obtain new business. Working with four diverse partners was a difficult task but through your insight and organization you made us put on our ‘thinking caps’. Thank you for all of your excellent ideas.”

Mervin A. Kolb, Partner

– Mervin A. Kolb, Partner Horowitz Kolb & Zaron

“As a result of our working together, my income has increased substantially and I am optimistic about a continuing upward trend. Also, I am excited about the quality of my clients and referral sources. I now find that coming to work each day is a pleasure. I cannot thank you enough for your insights and guidance.”

Gary E. Gleicher,

– Gary E. Gleicher, Law Offices of Gary E. Gleicher

“I would especially compliment you and your organization on the comprehensive approach to marketing that you have developed for professionals like us… You not only present a framework and a method, but you even offer printed forms to show us what we should be doing, followed by telephone reminders and direct encouragement to do them. If one can’t sharpen his focus and improve his practices with all this help, then he should probably not be in business.”

Robert L. Ivey, Partner

– Robert L. Ivey, Partner Holland & Knight LLP

“After trying many different approaches to get our associates to engage in client development activities, this is the first approach that has actually worked. Our consultations with you have paid for themselves several times over already, and I look forward to continuing the relationship.”

Mark D. Lubin

– Mark D. Lubin Stein & Lubin, LLP

“I wanted to thank you once more for all your help over the last year. I have gone from someone who rarely thought about marketing, never thought about marketing without dismay and hated follow through, to someone who thinks about it, does it and even enjoys a lot of it. You have really opened up my eyes to what marketing can be all about. I cannot thank you enough.”

Gisele M. Goetz

– Gisele M. Goetz Ferguson, Case, Orr, Paterson, & Cunningham, LLP

“Your knowledge of law firm marketing issues and techniques, and your ability to transfer that knowledge through group presentations and interactive workshops, has been a valuable part of our practice development program. Of equal or even greater value has been your one-on-one work with attorneys. In my case, I found that our monthly sessions brought a new sense of focus, commitment and accountability to my individual marketing efforts. Having kept in close touch with the other one-on-one participants, I believe I can say that the same holds true for them.”

Morgan P. Guenther, Partner

– Morgan P. Guenther, Partner Farella, Braun & Martel

“Your approach has generated additional real activity and several of the attorneys are quite amazed by their progress.”

Fred A. Ungerman, Jr., Partner

– Fred A. Ungerman, Jr., Partner Coolidge, Wail, Womsley & Lombard

“Your presentation exceeded every expectation I had. Your simple, common sense, systematic approach to business development, as well as your philosophy of the longer term view, is exactly what we needed to hear.”

Gary Z. Bezet, Partner

– Gary Z. Bezet, Partner Kean, Miller, Hawthorne, D’Armond, MeCowan & Jarman, LLP

“I think that many, if not most, of our attorneys are ratcheting up their business development efforts. There has been a recent flurry of marketing activity in the firm – thanks to you.”

John D. Pettker, Partner

– John D. Pettker, Partner Rodi, Pollock, Pettker, Galbraith & Cahill

“Your enthusiasm, inspiration and good common sense have significantly helped me guide my business development efforts with a good deal of success.”

Robert A. Ring, Partner

– Robert A. Ring, Partner Ring & Green

“I am pleased to say, that our regular monthly meetings provided me with the right stimulus to engage in new activities. Because I knew that we had scheduled a series of meetings, I would force myself to complete the projects which we had discussed such as writing articles and making luncheon appointments with new contacts who I otherwise would have ignored.”

Myer J. Sankary

– Myer J. Sankary Myer J. Sankary, A Law Corporation

“Because of your counsel we have for the first time been able to develop a focused marketing effort which targets new and existing clients in an organized manner. This has resulted in increased business and we expect the beneficial effects to multiply, as we continue to implement your recommendations.”

George C. Salmas, Partner

– George C. Salmas, Partner Salmas & Braun

“Your approach to marketing is refreshing, and all of us benefited from it. Those of us with whom you worked on an individual basis we have seen a direct increase in enthusiasm, effort and, most importantly, results.”

Nicholas DeWitt, Partner

– Nicholas DeWitt, Partner Paul, Hastings, Janofsky & Walker

“A lot of the success I have experienced over the last year and a half was a direct result of your efforts.”

Barry MacNaugton

– Barry MacNaugton Ervin, Cohen & Jessup, LLP

“Your Marketing Skills Workshop was a great help to the people our firm. With your guidance, each person was able to define his or her own marketing goals, and to design a practical, step-by-step approach to business development. It is an excellent program – and we’ve seen the results!”

John W. Amberg, Partner

– John W. Amberg, Partner Bryan Cave LLP