“We’ve used the Kohn Communications surveys several times now with strong results. We’re getting more business from our clients and great referrals.”

Jeff, CEO

– Jeff, CEO Streamline Bookkeeping

“I was extremely pleased with your performance conducting our client satisfaction surveys. Your attention to detail and overall approach to completing this very important project was recognized throughout the Marketing Committee. We found the information revealed to be incredibly valuable and your assessments a necessary component of increasing our level of service. This project would not have been such a success without your diligence in making sure we were on track.

When compared to other communications firms in the industry, Kohn Communications proved to be an exceptional value both in price and quality. Thank you for your outstanding work on this project.”

Marieke Westerman, Marketing Director

– Marieke Westerman, Marketing Director Gonzalez Saggio & Harlan LLP

“I very much appreciate your work on the client satisfaction surveys. I am pleased that our clients were surprisingly candid. Some of the comments were revealing of issues that I was unaware of, while others ratified my opinions (both good and bad). Your assessments were also valuable, and I intend to follow-up on them.

I intend to share the surveys with my partners because I think we should all learn from them. At the same time, I will be recommending your services. I think that the surveys are worth the cost.”

Frederick J. Lewis, Partner

– Frederick J. Lewis, Partner Lewis Fisher Henderson Claxton & Mulroy, LLP

“The results of the client satisfaction survey have been very enlightening and profitable. I was quite surprised at my client’s responses in the survey. The recurring complaint from my clients was that I did not understand their current business needs. Wow, how did that happen? I have always thought my greatest skill was my understanding of the client’s needs. I even touted that skill in my marketing materials. Now my clients are telling me just the opposite… very enlightening.

When I start working with a new client I make sure that I fully understand their needs. Then, as time goes by, unless I hear otherwise, I assume that everything is going well and that they are very happy with the service. I have not taken the time to ask them if their needs had changed and if they are happy with the service.

The client satisfaction survey has been extremely valuable to me. It seems that the clients are capable of quickly reducing the services to minimize the fees but they are much slower at asking for more service. In the survey process my clients were able to candidly explain what they want and are not getting from me. So now all I have to do is meet with my clients and redefine the service. The survey has streamlined the process of expanding the service to my existing client base. It has been very profitable.

Thank you Larry, the client satisfaction survey service has been very helpful to me.”

Kenneth R McCauley

– Kenneth R McCauley Partner