Biz Dev Essentials Course

Our live Biz Dev Essentials incorporates our exclusive web app BizDevCoach® as a training tool. Here’s a quick intro to BizDevCoach®

Join us for our live Biz Dev Essentials course.

This 6 session live course, beginning on March 13 at 1:30 Pacific, is a comprehensive business development masterclass from the coaching experts at Kohn Communications and covers:

Session 1: The Fundamentals: Obstacles and strategies
Orientation of BizDevCoach®
The obstacles to business development
The benefits of business development
The business development process
– Meet new people
– Build trust
– Clarify needs
– Get approved
– Close
Create a business development plan

Session 2: Build a community of targets (Meet new people)
Use BizDevCoach® questionnaire: How will you build your community?
Create a Leveraging Target List
Research Organizations
Create Events
Reframe Working a Room
Build your contact database/mailing list

6 Session Live Online Course

Our live course will walk you through every step of the the business development process, to overcome your barriers, optimize your strategy, and make biz dev an integrated part of your life.

Cost – $249
Cancellation policy – Full refund available prior to the 2nd session.

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Session 3: Systems for building relationships with targets
Build your contact database
Create a primary target list in BizDevCoach®
Create reasons for reaching out to targets
– Social
– Research
– Offer value
Create to-dos for each target in BizDevCoach®

Session 4: Build trust and clarify needs
Build trust (Deeds, Dialogue, and Documents)
– Develop an inventory of value-based offers
– Public Speaking
– Improve your website
– Get published
– Develop a drip marketing program
– Social media
Clarify needs

Session 5: Get approved, close, and maintain client relationships
Get approved
– Meet the decision makers
– Identify the approval procedures
– Improve your presentation skills
– Overcome objections
Close the deal
– Make Low-barrier offers
– Stay in touch
Relationship Maintenance
– Client maintenance offers
– Client reviews
– Satisfaction surveys

Session 6: Improve communication and time management skills
Increase Media Exposure
Do Public speaking
Plan events
Use time wisely

Cost – $249
Cancellation policy – Full refund available prior to the 2nd session.


Who is Kohn Communications?

We teach business development strategies and skills. We work with individuals and firms. We began in 1983. Our longevity is due to our practical and effective approach. We help people identify and overcome their obstacles. We replace old ineffective habits with sensible new, positive habits. We install systems to maintain momentum. We have consulted with professionals in over 1,000 firms.

One of the cornerstones of our consulting is our BizDevCoach® software. It is a unique tool that helps people plan and implement. It provides a comprehensive tutorial and a variety of innovative tools.

We invite you to review all the publications, seminars and tools on our website. We would be happy to talk about our free services that will demonstrate our ability to be of service to you and your firm.