10-Minute Motivational Telenars

This is a continuing series of quick, ten minute telenars designed to motivate you to think about business development, and to help you do more things that work. In each telenar, we provide some best-practice tips. Also, we help you build your business development plan by examining one or more questions in our BizDevCoach® BizDev Planner.

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Tip 1: Create a system for staying in touch
Tip 2: Focus on your unattended targets
Question3: What are the benefits you provide?
Question 4: How are you superior to your competitors?

The next program is October 22nd

Tip 1: Create and document motivational soundbites
Tip 2: Follow up after virtual programs
Question1: What services do you currently offer?
Question 2: What services should you consider offering in the future?

Question 2. What services should you consider offering in the future?
Question 3. What are the benefits you provide?
Question 4. How are you superior to your competitors?

Question 5. Which market segments do you currently serve?
Question 6. Which additional market segments should you consider serving?
Question 7. What aspects of your practice do you want to improve?

Question 8. Is your contact database accurate and comprehensive?
Question 9. What is your current pricing structure?
Question 10. What changes, if any, do you want to make to your pricing structure?

Question 11. What is your current geographic reach?
Question 12. Should you expand, contract, or maintain your geographic reach?
Question 13. What are the titles of the people who have the authority to hire you?

Biz Dev Tip 1: Always document your targets
Biz Dev Tip 2: Always negotiate the follow-up
Question 14. Do you have a list of strangers you would like to meet? (Wish List)

Biz Dev Tip 1: Use screen sharing technology
Biz Dev Tip 2: Capture your ideas
Question 15. What industries are your current referral sources in?
Question 16. What additional industries are potential referral sources in?
Question 17. Which organizations do you currently support?
Question 18. Which additional organizations should you consider?

Biz Dev Tip 1: The two most important components of business development – More and better contacts, and more and better conversations
Biz Dev Tip 2: Make holiday calls
Question 19. Which events have you attended that are worth continued attendance?
Question 20. Which additional events should you consider attending?
Question 21. Which speeches do you plan to deliver?
Question 22. Which additional speeches should you consider developing?

Tip 1: Think of your target list as a revolving door
Tip 2: Consider creating your own networking organization
Question 23. Which seminars/webinars do you plan to deliver?
Question 24. Which new seminars/webinars should you consider developing?
Question 25. What events do you plan to produce?
Question 26. What events should you consider producing?

Tip 1: Create joint venture marketing activities
Tip 2: The follow-up is always your responsibility
Question 27. What is the condition of your website?
Question 28. What changes do you want to make to your website?
Question 29. How do you plan to use advertising?

Tip 1: Demonstrate that you have the characteristics your targets vaue
Tip 2: Create Soundbites
Question 30. Is your bio up to date? Question 31. What processes do you implement that ensure the delivery of your superior characteristics?

Tip 1: Guide your prospects through the selling process
Tip 2: Improve your business development structure
Question 32. What experiences have you had that reveal your superior characteristics?
Question 33. What articles do you plan to write? (Topic/ Outlet)

Tip 1: Conduct brainstorming meetings
Tip 2: Use your time at home to plan your biz dev
Question 34. What client updates/newsletters do you plan to write?

Tip 1: Engage all of your lawyers in Biz Dev
Tip 2: Brainstorm alternative services you could offer
Question 35. What credentials do you have that substantiate your expertise?
Question 36. What additional credentials should you pursue?
Question 37. How do you plan to use Social Media?
Question 38. What is your plan for blogging?

Tip 1: Create virtual networking groups
Tip 2: Use teaching as a technique for building trust and instilling confidence
Question 39. How do you currently use technology to serve your clients?
Question 40. What could you do to enhance your use of technology to serve your clients?
Question 41. What offers do you make to new acquaintances that will allow you to spend time together?

Tip 1: Expand your networking opportunities through video conferencing
Tip 2: Shift your in-person conferences to a virtual platform
Question 42. What offers do you make to motivate a prospect to hire you?
Question 43. What offers do you make to maintain your relationships with targets?

Tip 1: Help your referral sources become ambassadors
Tip 2: Give yourself more structure while working from home
Question 44: What aspects of your life that are important to you could be blended with your Biz Dev Plan?
Question 46: What are your business development goals?