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We help professionals acquire new clients.

Create a Business Development Culture at your firm

Culture change is the most effective mechanism for producing superior results. With a strong business development culture, everyone in your firm will be more inclined to participate and excel.

Since 1983, we’ve been consulting with the management of professional service firms to improve business development.

Please feel free to call us to discuss your questions. 310 717 0998

Coaching really works

If you want to improve your business development, you’ll need to remove old habits and replace them with new ones. That process can be very difficult since old habits are often deeply entrenched.

Coaching is a process of getting guidance through a series of on-going phone calls. During each call, you get practical tips. Your coach will give you proven strategies. Then, you’ll let your coach know the tasks you plan to implement prior to the next conversation. The process is educational and motivational. Call us to learn more about how coaching works at 310 717 0998. We look forward to discussing it with you.


We help non-profit organizations in two areas: 1. We help board members improve their fundraising skills; and, 2. We help board members improve their new member recruiting skills. Our approach is to provide 1/1, 30-minute coaching via telephone. During the coaching sessions, we help board members identify their goals and obstacles. Then we provide practical solutions. The coaching sessions are usually conducted on a monthly basis. Satisfaction is guaranteed. If the board member is not satisfied, there is no charge for the coaching session. Please contact us for more information.